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The Glaser Group Gives Back

Since January of 2017 The Glaser Group has donated enough to...

Save 130 pets and sponsor 68 Canine Adventures!

We started donating regularly to Richmond Animal League in January of 2017. We love Richmond Animal League so much we donate more than just the donations we make on behalf of our clients with every sale!

(This adds up to many more pets saved each year in comparison to total number of homes we have sold.)

Sell A House, Save A Pet!

For every listing we sell, we donate the amount it costs for Richmond Animal League to house a pet until they are adopted.

Richmond Animal League is a local non-euthanizing organization helping homeless dogs and cats. Learn more.

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RAL animals

Buy A House, Help A Pet!

When we help a buyer purchase a new home, we donate an “Adventure Walk” to RAL. Each walk gives a shelter dog waiting for adoption at RAL a 2 hour hike at a local park (i.e. Pony Pasture).

Learn more about Canine Adventure and keep an eye on our Facebook Page to see photos posted by Canine Adventures from our sponsored walks.

We also donate $1 for every like we get!

Like us on Facebook to support Richmond Animal League!