Marketing & Selling Your House

There are many benefits to selling your house with Alex as your Realtor including:

1. Increasing your sales price by giving honest and straightforward advice to get your house ready for sale.

2. Maximizing qualified buyers through your front door and into your property until it is sold.

3. Receiving guaranteed communication throughout the transaction.  

4. Negotiating the highest possible value as well as the best terms and conditions once an offer is received.

5. Working to get your transaction closed as smoothly as possible


Your first showing is online so that is where we focus making your house look the best!


Real Professional Photography

True Professional Photos

There is a lot more to professional real estate photography than having a fancy camera! We only use the best quality photography and styling to market your property. 


Other Agents "Professional" Photos

Some agents claim they use professional photography just because they use a DSLR camera. That does not mean they understand how to produce professional quality photos. 

GetMedia (1).jpg

The difference is less Days On Market plus $1,000's more for you with a higher sales price. (Source)

Can you see the difference?


See many more before and after examples by watching this video...

Dusk Twilight Photo

 Enhance Your First Impression

It is called the magic hour for a reason. A twilight front photo can really make your home stand out as buyers are browsing hundreds of homes online. 

Get 50% MORE Views Online

Homes with a twilight front photo receive 50% MORE online traffic and phone call inquiries vs common day time front photos. (Source)

Royenwood twlight front.jpg
Royenwood Front Day.jpg

Video Makes The Difference

What We Use

Full HD Walk Through of Your Home

What Other Realtors May Use

"Virtual Tour" aka Slideshow of Photos

Real Estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. (Source)

We use Video to get your Home to show up at he top of Zillow's Search results

If your Video is the first photo...

Then you are in top section of search results

We utilize an exclusive Zillow Premier Agent Direct Membership to get over 3x the views on our client's listings by showcasing the professionally filmed and produced HD video tour as shown in the first photo.

This enhanced video walk-through is currently the only way to have your home appear at the top of search results above other listings on Zillow.

Your home will also be a featured listing on Trulia

We pay extra to feature your listing on Trulia which gives your house an enhanced display, featuring it prominently in search results and giving it maximum exposure to serious home buyers.


Internet Dominance

Your house will be everywhere buyers are, PLUS we enhance your house on all of the TOP websites. This is in addition to being on over 70+ other Real Estate websites though the ListHub Network.




Will your home be priced over $750,000?


If so...

This plus 36 other Pro-Active Action Points to get your property sold and Closed as smoothly as possible

Plan of Action to Sell Your House Alex Glaser Long and Foster_Page_01.jpg


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