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Selling with Alex Glaser and The Glaser Group

When we agree to take on clients, we intend to the sell the home.  We believe that listing your home and marketing your home are two different things.  The listing is a matter of paperwork and marketing is the actually process of letting potential buyers know that your home is not only available for purchase, but is the home for them!


The chart to the right is a summary from the NAR 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. This shows the value of internet branding and marketing. 43% of home buyers found the home they purchased online.  33% found the home through a Realtor®. A majority of Realtors® use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and we of course enter then home in MLS, but we also use the space wisely.

We paint a picture using words in the description as well as placing as many photos as possible.  The remaining thirty-eight percent are looking online.  For that reason, we not only market in the most highly visited websites, we enhance all of our listings and advertise on all of the top sites including Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo,, ect.

We know that the most common complaint among home sellers is that there is not enough communication from the agent. That is why we Guarantee weekly phone calls with an update on your property as a minimum that you will hear from Alex.

Another unique tool in our marketing plan is the High Definition Movie we make of our clients properties. You can consider it a 24-Hour Open House.  Holding traditional Open Houses are typically unsuccessful in selling a home.  Therefore we work with YouTube as well as the top Real Estate websites in the world to get your property the most exposure possible though video, the most popular and sought after way to view homes online by buyers today.

To see the full Proactive Marketing Plan click here.


We watch the market trends and aggressively promote your listing, however no amount of marketing will overcome an incorrectly priced home.  We will follow-up with the buyer agents who show your home as well as update you with this feedback as soon as we get it.  Additionally we monitor the market and in this time of economic flux, do our best to give you guidance on effective pricing.

Lastly, we will keep our eyes out for any new venues by which to promote your home.  We pay a lot of attention to emerging industry trends and try to use all of today’s tools to best serve your needs and honor the trust you’ve given us.



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