Richmond Real Estate Analysis

The Greater Richmond area extends beyond the city limits into nearby counties. Descriptions of Richmond often describe the large area as falling into one of the four primarily geographic references which somewhat mirror the points of a compass: North Side, Southside, East End and West End. Since there is no one municipal organization that represents the Greater Richmond region, the boundaries of these subregions are loosely defined. The definitions are also affected by the James River which has separated Henrico County on the north bank and Chesterfield County to the south since the latter was formed in the 18th century. Until 1910, the James also separated the City of Richmond on the north bank from the City of Manchester on the south bank, until they merged by mutual agreement in 1910. A large portion of the river which divides the modern City of Richmond is part of the city’s James River Park System.

Except where the James River continues to define a boundary between the West End and Southside, drawing a theoretical line between quadrants of the metropolitan area is not well defined as one moves away from the city. This is especially true north of the James with the distinctions between East, North, and West end areas, all of which are north of the River. In the broadest context, each of these may be considered by some to include portions of Hanover County, which at its closest point, is only 5 miles from the current city limits. However, the Chickahominy River separates the Hanover from Henrico County at this closest point, which is in the Mechanicsville area. Some outlying areas meeting may be considered as independent or outside the Richmond area, such as Mechanicsville, Midlothian, or Short Pump.


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Richmond Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Richmond

3109 2nd Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Photo of 3109 2nd Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (MLS # 1711665)
4 beds 3 baths 1,982 sqft $189,500
5614 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, VA 23225
Photo of 5614 Forest Hill Avenue, Richmond, VA 23225 (MLS # 1714989)
3 beds 2 baths 1,690 sqft $220,000
1318 North 34th Street Richmond, VA 23223
Photo of 1318 North 34th Street, Richmond, VA 23223 (MLS # 1715014)
0 beds 0 baths $20,000
1320 North 34th Street Richmond, VA 23223
Photo of 1320 North 34th Street, Richmond, VA 23223 (MLS # 1715006)
0 beds 0 baths $20,000
1324 North 34th Street Richmond, VA 23223
Photo of 1324 North 34th Street, Richmond, VA 23223 (MLS # 1714988)
0 beds 0 baths $23,500
209 Nottingham Road Richmond, VA 23221
Photo of 209 Nottingham Road, Richmond, VA 23221 (MLS # 1708006)
5 beds 6 baths 6,134 sqft $1,900,000
1407 Oakwood Avenue Richmond, VA 23223
Photo of 1407 Oakwood Avenue, Richmond, VA 23223 (MLS # 1637445)
2 beds 2 baths 1,520 sqft $75,000
5620 Marc Manor Court Richmond, VA 23225
Photo of 5620 Marc Manor Court, Richmond, VA 23225 (MLS # 1714926)
3 beds 2 baths 1,132 sqft $139,950
615 Montvale Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Photo of 615 Montvale Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (MLS # 1714799)
3 beds 1 bath 1,161 sqft $65,000
1104 Perry Street Richmond, VA 23224
Photo of 1104 Perry Street, Richmond, VA 23224 (MLS # 1714913)
0 beds 0 baths 2,700 sqft $439,900
3111 Hanes Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Photo of 3111 Hanes Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (MLS # 1714903)
4 beds 2 baths 1,694 sqft $159,900
1122 North 31st Street Richmond, VA 23223
Photo of 1122 North 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23223 (MLS # 1714883)
2 beds 3 baths 1,454 sqft $175,000
1101 Haxall Point, Unit 411 Richmond, VA 23219
Photo of 1101 Haxall Point, Unit 411, Richmond, VA 23219 (MLS # 1714855)
1 bed 1 bath 773 sqft $1,550
3252 Cliff Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Photo of 3252 Cliff Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (MLS # 1714575)
2 beds 1 bath 1,000 sqft $150,000
43 Towana Road Richmond, VA 23226
Photo of 43 Towana Road, Richmond, VA 23226 (MLS # 1709883)
3 beds 4 baths 2,106 sqft $700,000

Walk Score for Richmond

Richmond School Data

Richmond School Districts

Richmond City Public Schools
Maggie L. Walker Gov School
Department Of Correctional Education
Medical College Of Va
Doe Sop Education Programs
Mcv Va Treatment Center
Metro Richmond Alternative Education

Richmond Schools

A M Davis Elementary School
PK-5, public
Bellwood Elementary School
PK-5, public
Bensley Elementary School
PK-5, public
Beulah Elementary School
PK-5, public
Crestwood Elementary School
PK-5, public
Falling Creek Elementary School
PK-5, public
Falling Creek Middle School
6-8, public
Greenfield Elementary School
PK-5, public
Hopkins Road Elementary School
PK-5, public
J G Hening Elementary School
PK-5, public
Manchester Middle School
6-8, public
Meadowbrook High School
9-12, public
Providence Middle School
6-8, public
Reams Road Elementary School
PK-5, public
Salem Church Elementary School
PK-5, public
Salem Church Middle School
6-8, public
Perrymont Middle School
6-8, public
Monacan High School
9-12, public
W W Gordon Elementary School
PK-5, public
Providence Elementary School
PK-5, public
Baker Elementary School
PK-5, public
Johnson Elementary School
PK-5, public
Brookland Middle School
6-8, public
Chamberlayne Elementary School
PK-5, public
Crestview Elementary School
PK-5, public

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