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Probate, Estate, Trust & Conservatorship Sales

Your Real Property Transactions Should Be Easy!pro

Knowledgeable, experienced help can ease the burden of attorneys, conservators, administrators, accountants, trustees, other real estate agents, and of course, clients:

Reduce workload
Increase client satisfaction
Enlarge client profits on real property sales
Streamline transactions and avoid delays
Improve communication

The Glaser Group is knowledgeable and experienced with Probate Code, court-directed sales, Trust Sales, mandate disclosure requirements and offers.

  • Straightforward, non-technical counseling of agents prospective buyers on the
    offer process.
  • Accurate, on-time reports.
  • Streamlined communication between all parties. Network of qualified trained
    specialists throughout Central Virginia.
  • Anticipation of problems that might cause delayed closing and the skill to counter
    them with swift solutions.
  • Knowledgeable handling of the offer process and all subsequent paperwork.


Our “Team” of cleaners, haulers, appraisers, contractors, landscapers, painters, etc., are available to help you with any “pre-marketing” work that you may need or desire.

Our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible for you throughout this process.

We can coordinate the following ancillary services for you to help prepare the property for sale making us a one stop shop and a turn key service. You pick and choose the extent of the help you want or need all at no addition cost.

  • Hauling – The Glaser Group will organize the best team to assist you with moving and disposing of unwanted personal property, furniture and debris.
  • Donation services – Our Company has connections with various charitable donation services that will come to the property to pick up items to be donated.
  • Estate Sales – We can make arrangements for a formal appraisal to determine if there are any items of value, leading to a possible sale of antiques, furniture, jewelry, art, silver, stamps, musical instruments, cars, etc.
  • Property Renovation –The Glaser Group has a team of reliable contractors who consistently provide our clients with experienced, high quality work at reasonable prices.  Free estimates always offered. 
  • Painting Services – Our team also handles any painting service bids you may need, including interior & exterior paint, patching & resurfacing walls, to give the home a fresh, neutral and clean appeal.
  • Flooring Services – We work with contractors who offer a wide range of flooring services; from updating floors throughout the home to removing, installing or steam cleaning carpets to having hardwood floors sanded and refinished.
  • Attention to Details – Our team of experts can recommend the most time and cost efficient ways to improve the appearance of your home to prospective buyers.  Includes updating minor details such as installing new light fixtures, switch plate covers, doors, closet doors, removing old window coverings, etc.
  • Utilities – We can assist in the re-installment of all utility services; i.e. gas/electric, water, etc. as contractors and buyers will need to perform inspections
  • Appliances – We can arrange to have a professional test all appliances and provide estimates to order replacements or to have the non-working appliances properly disposed of.
  • Exterior Maintenance – We will provide you with referrals for landscaping service or overall exterior maintenance to maintain or create curb appeal.  Trim trees, overgrowth, remove and haul yard debris.
  • Security – We have an on-call locksmith available immediately to change locks, make sure they are up to code, and issue you new copies of keys.
  • Inspections – The Glaser Group has referrals of inspectors and coordination of any and all property inspections as required or desired; i.e. Termite, General Property, Roof, etc.
  • Cleaning – Our professional maintenance team will provide a bid for full or partial interior or exterior cleaning including windows, appliances, insides of drawers/cabinets, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc. 


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